Account audit services

Account audit services

            Juristic person engages in business or not has to close their accounts. CPAs will audit and approve all statements before submitting them to the government office. All prices are under the limited of audit. Our services include:

1.     Internal account auditing by standardized CPAs showing the suitability test of the statement and estimating the main point of the financial report.  

2.     The objective of account audit is not to find the specific mistake or misappropriation of your accounts. However, the result can point out some mistake and misappropriation. We will describe the mistakes of internal audit to the clients and the executive’s notice.

3.     The objective of audit is to express our opinion about the financial statements which based on our audit and policies. If we change the opinion, we will explain the fact about it before submitting to the office.

4.     To submit the financial budget and to provide the clients with the details about their financial budget submission including: Financial Statement Submission Form and the copy of lists of shareholders to the Ministry of Commerce