Accounting Services

Accounting Services

            We offer accurate account auditing, submitting of tax payments on time, and also reminders to submit the proper documents to us so that you can avoid late charges. Al of our CPAs are certified and the service charge is at least 1,000 baht per month. Our services include:

1.     Registering with the government as your official bookkeeper

2.     Making a journal, ledgers account, and all accounting reports required by law and the Revenue Department

3.     Entering all information into an accounting program accepted by the Revenue Department

4.     Calculating and providing tax forms which are to be submitted each month e.g. PND1, PND53, Phor Por 30, Input-Output tax report to the Revenue Department

5.     Providing social security contributions to Department of Public Welfare

6.     Providing and submitting PND51 to the Revenue Department

7.     Providing and submitting PND50 to the Revenue Department

8.     Bookkeeping and closing financial statements by computer system

9.     Closing annual financial statements and then having our certified CPAs recheck all of the numbers using all relevant financial information

10.  Providing clients with the standardized CPAs

11.  Coordinating with the Revenue Department in case they require the accounting information