Qualifications of an alien entitled to apply for a work permit

Qualifications of an alien entitled to apply for a work permit

1.        Having residence in the Kingdom or having permission to stay in the kingdom temporarily under immigration law (i.e. not simply as a tourist or transit - traveler)

2.        Having the knowledge and/or skills to perform the work as stated in the application for a Work Permit.

3.        Not being insane or mentally sick, suffering from Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Elephantiasis and third stage of Syphilis.

4.        Never having been imprisoned for violation of the immigration law or the Working of Foreign Act at least one year prior to the date of application.

 Please check you documents and comply with the following:

1.        The application form (tor. thor.2). 3 photographs; frontview. Of 5x6 cms. In size (taken no more than 6 months)

2.        The certificate of employment (Form restricted)

3.        Evidence of Educational qualification and Experience (in condition of unable to show, please show the application form instead)

4.        Recent medical certificate without any legal diseases (not more than 6 months)

5.        Copies of passport or residence certificate and an original of the immigration license.

6.        An official form for notification of commencement of work (tor. thor. 10), attached with a copy of the power of attorney (the employer or grantor), affixed with 10 bath stamp duty.

7.        In case of unable to apply by yourselves, please attached a power of attorney form, affixed with 10 bath stamp duty and copies of attorney form (Due to Rule of Department of Employment on the Criteria for the Consideration for Work Permit Issuance B.E. 2547)

Document for consideration according to type of incorporation.

- Individual Establishment

1.        Copy of certificate registration of individual establishment and copies of list of shareholders (not longer than 6 months). In case of individual foreign business, please show a copy of certificate registration of foreign business due to Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542 with evidences of foreign investment in Thailand.

2.        Copy of Application for the amendment value added tax registration (Phor Phor 01 or Phor Phor 20 with an identification types of business and Phor Phor 09 if it changeable)

3.        List of immigration names with their number order of work permit licenses in organization.

4.        If the company's director who signs on the work permit application is “alien” and works in Thailand, a copy of his work permit must be also provided, if the said alien director, who signs on the work permit application, does not work in   Thailand, he must provide a power of attorney must be notarized by a notary public.

5.        In case of applying other permission due to law  or permission from related government services, please attached related evidences such as the factory operating license, the   hotel  operating license, a permission from Food and drug Administration, a certificate for  tourism business, a permission for place to selling foods.


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