Legal counsel

Legal counsel

Taxation law Service

·         Taxation Consulting

·         Company & Personal Income Taxes

·         VAT.  Registration

·         Preparing & Submitting Tax Payment Forms

·         Taxation Plan Advising

·         Representing Clients to Contact with Revenue Officers

Business Law Service

·         Business Law Consulting

·         Consulting of Business Structure Planning

·         International Trade Law

·         Applying for BOI Support

·         Performing the MOU

Intellectual Property Service

·         Copyright, Patent and Trademark Registration

·         Litigation and Claims Against Infringers

·         Securing and Protecting Trade Secrets

Selling & Purchasing Legal Contracts

·         Advising for Writing Legal Contracts and Agreements

·         Reviewing and Checking Draft Contracts of Purchasing, Selling, Renting, Leasing, Pledging, Mortgaging and Others

Land and Property service

·         Dispute Settlement Advisory

·         Property Transfer Registration

·         Mortgaging, Pledging, Renting, Purchasing and Selling of Properties.

Labor Law

·         Labor Law Consulting

·         Labor Protection

·         Labor Contracts

·         Dispute of Employment

·         Social Security

Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation

·         Law Advisory for Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation

·         Creditor or Debtor Consulting

·         Debt Collection

·         Business Rehabilitation

Family and Heritage

·         Divorce

·         Petition of Legal Representative / Legal Child

·         Adoption

·         Request a Trustee

·         Advisory for Writing a Will

Legal proceedings service

·         Civil and Criminal Law

·         Litigation (both civil and criminal cases such as drugs, gambling, prostitution or child trafficking)

·         Execution of Sentences and Sequestration of the Debtor, Debt Collection

Acts / Ministerial Regulations /Decree

·         Consulting Regarding Special Laws such as:

o    Consumer and Entrepreneur Laws

o     Food and Drug Advertising /Registration

o    Traffic Law

o    Forest Act

Foreign workers / Immigration

·         Visas

·         Work Permits

·          Advice for Foreign Workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia

·         Immigration Advice


·         Transportation laws; land, water, air

·         Customs Processes

·         Import-Export


·         Advice for all transportation issues